Rhubarb rhubarb


Vladimir Stankovic’s - Entomology Tab. IV


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Grape hyacinth


A fur seal pup is seen on top of its mother at Isla de Lobos, a small island in Uraguay. A slaughterhouse operated in the island until 1991, and since then it has been the main reserve in South America for fur seals (Arctocephalus australis) and sea lions (Otaria flavescens).

Picture: PABLO PORCIUNCULA/AFP/Getty Images (via Pictures of the day: 21 March 2014 - Telegraph)

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Moss landscape in the sunshine

Lovely cloud formation yesterday. Altocumulus undulatus I think

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19/02/14: Just finished my recycled bottle top wind chime for the allotment! Makes a good rattle sound!

Another great recycling idea!

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19/02/14: Recycled Milk Bottle Animal Flowerpots made from 2 pint milk bottles and lids, buttons, some wire and a bit of old hose pipe, sprayed with car paint!

Love it!

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